Hope Network

Hope Network has 12 amazing service lines that were not living cohesively under one umbrella in a digital space. We created a fully accessible website with systems that allowed all 12 services to live under one roof yet retain their individual uniqueness.

Our approach was to organize and structure the website for visitors to clearly and quickly access relevant information and take relevant actions, “to help overcome”. We created a cohesive voice to represent Hope Network accurately as the extensive community that it is, made possible by a range of roles, responsibilities, opportunities, and stories of its people.

www.hopenetwork.org >



Baseline Evaluation & Discovery
Analysis & Strategic Planning



Website Design
Content Strategy

UX, Digital Eco-sphere Design

Prototype Development

Software Architecture

Custom Content Management System 



Annual Fundraising Event
Web Platform CMS Training Sessions

“We built this site to be able to handle, literally, any type of user that comes onto the internet and tries to access the site. We knew that Hope Network serves every kind of person with the services that they offer and, so, we knew that was important that their website is also able to serve any kind of person, and, you know, that’s the reason we built with accessibility in mind.”
— Amit Kumar, Software Architect / RTM