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Each RTM client is unique. 

Retailers and philanthropies, universities and manufacturers, global investment groups and regional healthcare systems – each has its own character. It inherits (or borrows, or creates) a language of words and symbols, a surprising sense of honor and an unexpected sense of humor. No two are the same. Therefore, RTM does not work from pre-set answers or pre-packaged programs. 


What RTM brings to its clients is the ability to learn, and learn quickly. We understand organizations, how they need to be assembled and motivated, how they break down and how they are built up. What we must learn with each new client is its uniqueness: How do these people communicate? What values does this group hold? How do they make decisions? How do they respond to failure, or accidents, or success? We come with the modesty of learners, not the arrogance of experts. We invite our clients to learn with us.


Changes are dramatically reshaping how our world communicates. Our organizations serve in a new, digital age. RTM recognizes that many of our clients’ decision makers became leaders in an age that was not wired 7/24/365; they were raised on daily newspapers, evening newscasts and weekly magazines, not the constant drone and thrill of digital platforms and buzzing social media. They relied on words and complete sentences, not symbols and counted characters. We understand. We can help.