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Our mission was to organize and structure the website for visitors to clearly and quickly access relevant information and take relevant actions, β€œto help overcome.” (use-ability), Create a cohesive voice of Hope Network (brand), and Represent Hope Network accurately as the extensive community that it is, made possible by a range of roles, responsibilities, opportunities, and stories of its people (Opportunity for user-focused experience. Community).


Discovery Phase 01 include site audit and creating a digital eco map. Eco-map shows a first attempt to audit existing web properties, focus on user experience per persona, accurately represent business units, identify opportunities for consolidation, and finally remove redundancies. 


Phase 02 is Systems Design where we create templates that will be consistent while addressing the unique needs and features of each program or offering.  We will explore innovative models that can create website experience to be not just informational, but interactive. The result are wireframes.

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