RTM is a US-based consulting and communication firm that does highly individualized work. We were founded on the conviction that an organization is best understood as a living, communicating organism in a rapidly-changing, vigorously-interactive environment.


We’ve worked with and learned from more than 1,500 organizations. In each, the capacity to change and the ability to communicate were intimately linked. We’ve seen powerful communication not only support change but define it, lead it, bolster it. If an organization can be infused with a vibrant culture, persuasive vision, convincing mission, values embodied in action and strategies that soar – then its communication has content and integrity. Change can be managed and even joyful.


RTM exists to serve. We enable our clients to build strong, living organizations that thrive in the most challenging environments. We collaborate with our clients, closely, to create traditional and digital strategies that communicate effectively – internally and externally.